vehicle id number 1031-SOM
General Vehicle Chassis Specs
6.0 litre V-8 turbo diesel with 4 speed automatic transmission
1 unit is Eddie Bauer Designer trim and 7 are XLT trim with leather interior
All units are 4 wheel drive automatic shift on the fly system
Premium stereo systems with CD players, front and rear air conditioning and heating,
power door locks, tilt and cruise control, towing package, remote keyless entry system,
instruments calibrated in metric. All Ford recall and warranty service has been done,
interiors are still new with plastic protective covers on seats and floors.
Mileage is extremely low, ranging from 145 kms to1278 kms.
(One vehicle has 11,712 km as it was used as a demonstrator show vehicle).
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Armor Specs According to Streit Mfg Inc
are shown in “Appendix A” supplied by the company.
• Protection Level is B6+
• Rodgard run flat devices – Non operable windows for security purposes
• Originally Invoiced to client at US$ 105,000.00
• Ballistic Chart from Streit declares B6 protection specifics on opaque and
transparent armor components of vehicle.
• 7.62 x 51 /M80 Nato Ball/2,750 fps
• AK-47/7/62x39mm/M1943/2,400 fps
• 9x19mm LCJJ/1,400 fps
• 7.62x25/LCSJ/1,600 fps
• .44 magnum/LWC/1,443 fps
• Floor armor: 2 – DM51 hand grenades or equivalent.

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