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Big Boy Toys Sales Corp, in response to the perceived threats from
various criminal or political origins, recognizes the need for armored
vehicles has been steadily on the rise.

We can provide you with an armored Limousines,
SUV, Van or Truck or convert your current Vehicle with protective armored
materials. The materials maintain the original appearance of the vehicle
as closely as possible, and in accordance with customization of the vehicle
to compensate for the added weight.

Highly visible VIPs, politicians, celebrities, diplomats, corporate executives,
heads of state, and any high profile passenger feels the ultimate security,
comfort and protection armored cars provide. Any type of stretch limousine,
including Cadillac, Lincoln, Mercedes, SUV's can be armored to protect its
passengers from small arms and high powered rifle fire. (To view our unarmored
Limo selection, which can be converted, please click here. 

Specifications are individually determined and held highly confidential.
We can refit your own limo or car or custom build a new car, to be virtually
impenetrable to attack. The outward appearance remains completely unchanged.

Transparent bulletproof glass is inserted in all windows. It will protect against
to a .30 caliber carbine,7.62 NATO and even against instruments such as
hammers, baseball bats, and hatchets. The entire car is insulated with a special
bulletproof  fabric that's very lightweight and super strong. Much stronger than
old-fashioned steel reinforcement. An undercoating is added which will repel the
effects of a grenade, land mine and other explosives. The gas tank and battery are
enveloped with bulletproof fabric to protect against explosion.

For peace of mind and ultimate security while traveling the armored vehicle is
the solution, please call 561-212-8608 for more information,
or click here to e-mail.
Please specify you need  "Armored Car Information" on the contact form.

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