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On behalf of my corporation, Creative Marketing and Publishing Company, Inc. (CMP) I regularly scout out successful home based business's and then publish a business plan /outline for others to follow.  I've found a real treasure here. The gentleman who wrote this business plan report # 1003 titled "Home Based Dry Cleaning Pick-up & Delivery Business Start-Up Guide" is an actual success story. I know him personally, his name is Rick, he is a smart working, intelligent man, (very good cook too) with an actual pick up and delivery dry cleaning service. My husband and I use his service. I was very impressed by his business and the fact that he took the time to write a comprehensive step-by -step business start up plan. If the only thing you know about dry cleaning is that you drop off your clothes and pick them up from your local corner dry cleaning store weekly  that's enough ... even if you personally never had your clothing dry cleaned, Rick's plan will teach you everything you need to know to get started in this incredibly profitable business. 

Rick will include his e-mail and postal mailing address, so if you have additional questions, he will act as your personal business consultant! Franchises charge a fortune for this service, and they want an on going percentage of your profits. Not Rick, he's willing to share his business success plan with you for a small one time investment, the cost of this business plan. By the way Rick works about 20 hours per week, takes Wednesdays and weekends off and he still earns more money then many people who work 40 hour per week jobs. Rick controls his destiny, and his income. If he wants to increase it, he simply adds more clients. Securing new customers is a simple process, Rick explains it all in his report. Rick has what most people desire, he travels, he puts some money away monthly for retirement and has time to enjoy his life, doing what he wants .... cooking gourmet meals for his friends and family, fixing up his house, spending time with his children, all this with no financial worries!

On behalf of CMP,  I am excited to offer this plan, it is one of the best business plans I've seen come across my desk. I'm very particular on which business plans CMP will endorse, this is an A + winner! Don't you owe to yourself and your loved ones the freedom and pleasures of owning your own  highly profitable, successful business? If your answer is YES, then Rick's proven successful plan is your ticket to a new future.
Karen Green'Turner
Creative Marketing and Publishing, Inc.( CMP )

Here's what Rick has to say:

There are thousands of people in your community who work in
offices and use the services of a dry cleaner. These people are
your potential customers.
Earn $300 to $1000 per week working part time, 3 to 5 hours a day,
2 to 4 days a week with no night or holiday work, ideal for retirees,
college students or moms whose children are in school.

No Franchise Fees
No Licensing Fees
No Inventory
No Rent
No Equipment to Buy
Minimal Investment

Most people choose a dry cleaner based on convenience, such as being
close to their home or office, or right on the way to or from work. The retail
dry cleaning store, because of it's fixed location, has a limited area in which
to draw customers. But with a dry cleaning route you are in effect bringing
the dry cleaning store to the customer, where ever they may be located.

How do you develop and maintain your own dry cleaning pick-up and delivery
route?? That's what this business plan is all about. A step by step blueprint
based on my own successful dry cleaning route for the last 13 years.

I will teach you how and where to find customers!
How to choose a dry cleaner to do your work!
How to price your service!
Where to purchase supplies and the approximate cost!
How much money you can make and how you get paid!
Tips on selling your route once you're established!
Tips on buying an existing route!
Billing and organizing your books on paper or with your computer!
I will teach you .... the  complete business!
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Remember the price of this plan will include Rick's e-mail and postal address,
he will act as your Personal Business Consultant and answer all your
business start up questions! You can't put a price on extraordinary service like this!!
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Report # 1003 DC
411 Richard
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