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The Employee Handbook Design Kit

This kit includes tools, instructions and everything that will assist you in the preparation of an employee handbook for your company! Includes easy fill in the blank sections. No technical writing on your part,
but it can be customized to fit your companies needs. Finally an easy way to prepare your much needed 
Compay Handbook! 

Compiling and distributing an employee handbook can be a valuable practice for your livery business.
By providing a written hand-book with a clear and concise statement of your company's policies, rules,
and expectations, you can ensure that your company's positions are easily understood by your employees. 
Also should a claim be brought by or against you regarding your employment practices, you will have
a written hand-book which could prove to be a valuable tool in proving your policies.

Some of the topics in this handbook include the following outlines: 

• Workplace Attire, 
( Can customize it by adding what you expect your 
chauffeurs / drivers are required to wear). 

•  Performance Reviews 

• Attendance and Lateness 

• Harassment 

• Drug and Alcohol Abuse 

• Ethical Standards 

• Hourly Employees 

• Ethical Standards 

• Company Vehicles 

(You can customize this section with your fleet's details).

Included in this design kit is a sample handbook with instructions to assist you in preparing a handbook that meets the needs of your particular business. It is available in Microsoft Word format (.doc) format only. The Microsoft Word (.doc) format opens on PCs with Windows and either Microsoft Word or Word Pad. On Mac, you will need Microsoft Word for Mac or AppleWorks to open this type of file.Text Edit on Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) can also open these files. 

It will be e-mailed to you upon receipt of your payment. (It's 89.5 KB) The benefit of using these Microsoft Word files is that you may open the form and design /edit the handbook on your computer. You can use it as many times as needed. We also e-mail you a link to view the handbook via the internet.

To order send a check or money order for $99.00 to: 
411 Richarrd Rd
Rockledge, FL  32955
Attn: Karen / HB- book order 

Request: The Employee Handbook Design Kit.

Very Important: You must include your e-mail address.

The only way we send the kit is through e-mail attached in a Microsoft Word 
doc format, you can open it with Word Pad is you don't have Microsoft Word. 
Most computers with Windows have Word Pad, to check and see if have it, 
go to Start, click on Programs then Accessories, Word pad can be found there.
We will also include a link to view the handbook via the internet.

Please allow 10 days for out of state checks to clear. Make checks payable to CMP.

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If you have any questions about the 
Employee Handbook Design - Kit
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