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LimoTouch Electrical Systems
Please call 321-636-4200 or toll fee in theUSA 1-866-54-LIMOS
or e-mail Oceanview for prices on all Limo Touch Electrical Systems.
Limo Touch

LimoTouch is the most advanced electrical system ever developed for the limousine industry.
With the most comprehensive technological and physical advancements, LimoTouch takes limousine
electronics to the next level.

Computer Power The brain of the LimoTouch control box is a Computer Processing Unit (CPU) that controls
and monitors all of the electrical functions more efficiently and dependably than other limousine electrical systems.
The LimoTouch CPU peforms millions of operations per second, constantly controlling the limousine climate control
and lighting. The CPU guards against common electrical failure modes to ensure the lowest occurrence of downtime
possible. LimoTouch is a software-driven system, and is not dependant on changing wires and jumpers to change
functions, so factory product delivery of your custom system is “off the shelf.”

LimoTouch’s easy-to-read and well-lit control panels are the first to look like they really belong in a limousine.
The Cut-Crystal look of the passenger panels adds to the look of your interior, instead of detracting from it.

Operation is simple and intuitive to learn for passengers– meaning fewer distractions for your drivers.
All functions are presented on one panel, and operations are audibly acknowledged with soft beeps.

The LimoTouch passenger panels have no protruding knobs that can break off or harm a passenger in an accident.
The sealed 3/16ths inch thick Plexiglas® panel provides the protection you need from accidental or purposeful abuse
from passengers – including spilled liquids. Using reliable Touch-Field sensing technology, there are no moving parts
to break down. Compared to LCD touchscreen-based systems, the LimoTouch system has no thin plastic films that
can be easily damaged, chemicals to leak, or complicated menus to follow.

The Art of Tomorrow As the limousine industry grows, so does the demand for the latest technologies.
Based on a CPU “brain”, LimoTouch will have the expandability of today's desktop PCs and the ability
to integrate with many current wireless networks.  All LimoTouch systems are designed to be easily upgraded.

Before you purchase your next limousine, tell your builder that you demand the best...
Limo Touch Electrical Systems from Oceanview Limousines
Please call 321-636-4200 or toll fee in theUSA 1-866-54-LIMOS
or e-mail Oceanview for prices on all Limo Touch Electrical Systems.

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