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Powerline Alternator Kits and replacement parts are distributed to
the limousine industry through Oceanview. Powerline is the
industry leader in alternator components. Powerline backs its
product line with a 12-month/50,000-mile warranty. When it
comes to reliability and keeping your fleet moving, make sure your
alternator says Powerline!
Voltage Regulator With Pigtail Adapter 
Code: ALT-6001
Price: "Order Request Form"
 160-Amp Dual Battery Isolator
Code: ALT-5000
 Price: "Order Request Form"

  Includes: Bracket Kit, Harness, and 130 amp factory alternator.

 Using our Dual Alternator systems is like having two completely
 separate charging systems in your vehicle. The factory alternator
 runs the factory battery and powers all the standard sedan
 functions, while the second alternator runs the second battery
 and powers all of the conversion accessories. In the event that
 the second battery is run down (i.e. rear interior light is left on
overnight), the car will start normally. Likewise, the second
 battery is available for the usual jump-start of the factory

Dual Alternator features:
All components made from high-grade, powder-coated steel.
No additional V-Belt required; both alternators run off OEM belt.
No relocation of factory parts or special hoses required.
Easily installed in less than one hour.
Complete installation instructions included.
'98 - '99 Lincoln Town Car Dual Alternator Kit 
Code: ALT-MNT-01
Price: "Order Request Form"
'00 - '02 Lincoln Town Car Dual Alternator Kit
Code: ALT-MNT-02
 Price: "Order Request Form"
'03 - ' 04 Lincoln Town Car Dual Alternator Kit
Code: ALT-MNT-03
 *No longer available*
'01 - '04 Ford Excursion Dual Alternator Kit
Code: ALT-MNT-04
 Price: "Order Request Form"
OceanviewLimousines' 130amp Ford factory alternator is made of high-grade
powder coated steel and conforms to all Ford OEM specifications.
Brought to you direct from Oceanview Limousines this alternator works as an
auxiliary piece or a direct replacement for original equipment.
This factory alternator, complete with pulley attached, is available
only from Oceanview Limousines… One stop shop for all your limo needs.
130-Amp Alternator
 Code: ALT-7000
  Price: $"Order Request Form"

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