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Oceanview Limousines Back-up Systems were designed with safety in mind. Our systems can prevent costly accidents by reducing blind spots or simply alerting drivers to the closest object. Back-up systems give drivers more control when maneuvering a vehicle in reverse. Avoiding just one small collision will pay for these systems and insurance discounts are available through most carriers. Call your insurance provider today for more information.

Vehicle Back-up and Surveillance System
This unique package includes the rearview mirror with a 2.5”built-in, super-high resolution LCD screen. The Bumper Cam provides assistance when backing up, while the Surveillance Cam is used for monitoring the passenger compartment. The system includes a selector box that will allow you to choose which camera you would like to watch on your rearview mirror.
Vehicle Back-up and Serveillance SystemVehicle Back-up and Serveillance System
Code: CRA-700
*No longer available*
Vehicle Back-up System OnlyVehicle Back-up System Only
Code: CRA-701
*No longer available*

This high-tech, back-up alert system gives drivers a peace of mind by taking the guesswork out of reverse driving while minimizing collisions. A variable audio warning system signals rapid pulses as the vehicle-to-obstacle distance decreases. Features digital read-out display with 3 sensors, detecting objects from up to 16 feet away.
Car Reversing AidCar Reversing Aid
Code: CRA-200
*No longer available*

This 12-volt, 5” black & white monitor and camera kit is a versatile rearview surveillance system for larger vehicles. Features a mirror image function to assist you with backing up, giving you a clear picture of any obstacles in your path. Includes a rugged, weatherproof, 60-ft. cable for your stretch.
Rearview Monitor SystemRearview Monitor System
Code: CRA-600
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