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24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week On Time Service - That's our Guarantee!

Offering everything from towing and road side service, to cross country transportation, Oceanview Towing is quickly becoming Brevard County's newest and most known towing company.

Oceanview Towing, started in late 2007, was founded on the morals that people shouldn't have to wait for hours and pay high prices to get exceptional service. 

Building on this foundation, combined with over Nine years of Towing experience, and backed by an industry knowledgable staff, we are committed to meeting and exceeding each and every one of your towing needs. 

Whether it is custom fitting a billing account, helping move vehicles from one location to another, or just providing great road side service, Oceanview Towing is here to make it happen!

Give us a call today! Ask to speak with our management team, and let us help you with all of your towing needs!

Give us a try today. If we can't meet your every need, it's on us, that's my personal guarantee!

- The Oceanview Team -

Private Property Removal

In Accordance with FL.ST. 715.07, Oceanview Towing provides removal of vehicles that are parked on private property. Signs are provided to companies or persons wishing to stop people from parking on their property, or impeding the day to day operation of their business. 

Their is NO COST for this service to the business wishing to sign up. Simply call us at (321) 636-4200 or email us at and we will be happy to set you up with a contract.  In most cases, signs can be installed the same day, and removal of cars shortly there after. Call us today for more information.

Junk Car Removal

Oceanview Towing also provides the removal of junk or unwanted cars. In some cases, Oceanview Towing will purchase
these units for cash. Titles are required for them to be purchased or removed. Call us for more information.


Oceanview Towing offers both Local and Long Distance Transports at competitive rates. So if you need to get your vehicle around the block or all the way across country, give us a call and see what we can offer you.

Q: How do I set up an Commercial Account with Oceanview Towing?
A: Call our office at (321)631-9312 or email us at

Q: Is there a cost to me to set up an account for Private Property Removals?
A:There is never a charge to the customer to have a vehicle removed from their property. Oceanview will provide all signs required by law and will also check the property on a regular basis to check for unauthorized vehicles. All of this at NO COST!

Q: What do you pay for Junk Cars?
A: It depends of what type of car it is and what condition it is in.

Q: Are your Driver's all Certified?
A: Oceanview prides itself on being a first class service all the way. From the PWOF Certified Drivers to the Brand New Trucks, we truly are first class!

Towing,Recovery,Lock Outs,Tire Changes,Tire Changes,Fuel Delivery, Winch Outs,
Brevard County Max Rates

Towing           ***  $110.91
Mileage          ** *  $  3.03
Labor              ** *  $ 73.13
Storage (Outside)       **  $ 22.14
Access             ** *  $ 51.50 
Admin              ***  $ 30.00
After 48 Hours  **  $ 36.05 

Our Cash Rates

Flat Bed Request**$55.00
Mileage after 5 Free**$2.50
Lock Out***$35.00
Tire Change***$35.00
Fuel Delivery (2 Gal.)**$35.00
Winch Outs Starting at*$65.00
Storage Outside Daily**$22.14

Our Account Rates

Flat Bed Request**$45.00
Mileage after 5 Free**$2.00
Lock Out***$30.00
Tire Change***$30.00
Fuel Delivery (2 Gal)**$30.00
Winch Outs Starting at*$65.00
Storage Outside Daily**$22.14*

Services we Provide:

Lock Outs
Tire Changes
Fuel Delivery
Winch Outs
Local Transports
Long Distance Transports
Private Property Removals
Junk Car Removals
Towing Signs Available
Secure Vehicle Storage 




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