Internet Fraud Preventive Measures When Selling Your Limo or Bus


New Internet scam attacking ALL web ads !!

The fraudulent "buyer" offers MORE money than you're asking, and instructs seller to FORWARD
secured payment to a separate address. By the time the smoke clears, you're out  the excess they were
offering you. If you receive an offer of this nature,  DO NOT TAKE IT!!!

We care about all our advertisers, if you are not sure about a buyer's offer please e-mail
us and we will advise you.
 Be cautious when dealing with individuals or companies from outside your own country.

Just because you receive a “Cashiers Check”, check with your bank and the issuing bank
to make sure the check is legitimate and not stolen, fake or washed.

When you receive a check for more than the agreed amount, ITS A SCAM !!!!!
Do not send the “Overage” back to the buyer.
The check sent to you is a bogus cashiers check!
Make sure you are selling to a reputable source.
Do your homework on the individual or company you’re selling to, make sure they’re legitimate.

Be cautious when dealing with individuals/companies from outside your own country.
Try to obtain a physical address rather than merely a post office box and a phone number,
call the buyer to see if the number is correct and working.

Send them E-mail to see if they have an active E-mail address and be wary of buyers who
use free E-mail services where a credit card wasn't required to open the account.

Consider not selling to buyers who won't provide you with this type of information.
Be cautious when dealing with individuals/companies from outside your own country.

Be cautious when responding to e-mails that sound to good to be true.

Consider utilizing an escrow or alternate payment service when selling your boat.
Use common sense.

Be cautious when dealing with individuals/companies from outside your own country.

Internet Fraud Complaint Center: A partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation
(FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (IC3) that provides a convenient and easy
to use reporting mechanism that alerts authorities of a suspected criminal or civil violation.

Federal Trade Commission: The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) enforces a variety of federal
antitrust and consumer protection laws. The FTC also works to create a safe marketplace by
eliminating acts or practices that are unfair or deceptive.

During the last few years we have all seen a dramatic increase in the number of ways that some
people try to steal from us. One of these new "tricks" is to present fake cashiers checks for the
payment of goods purchased over the internet.

If you receive a cashier's check under the following circumstances:

In payment for an item you advertised for sale over the Internet or via our web site

The check is for more than your sale price.

You are asked to buy money orders for the cash difference and send the funds to a shipper or agent.

You are probably the victim of a counterfeit check fraud.

Advances in technology have made it possible for criminals to produce counterfeit cashier checks on
laser printers. For maximum safety, verify the authenticity of a cashiers check with the issuing bank
before accepting it as payment for your boat. Please do not send money back to the buyer via
Western Union or bank wire until you are 150% sure the check is authentic.
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